Grey Partridge Films is a feature film, commercials, corporate and music video and film production house based in in Mumbai. At GreyPartridge Films, we offer full production and creative services to foreign productions and individual directors. Below is something that you can expect from a Bollywood cinematographer who is also one of the best wildlife photographers in India.

Are you looking to rent high quality film equipment at reasonable prices? We offer that too for any kind of film making like corporate filmmaking, ad film making or corporate video making.


In India, cinematography has a very long history and this it provides a wide variety of crew. We at Grey Partridge Films, strive to maintain and develop a database of all crew members that we know personally so that we can recommend it to someone who needs it. Most of our crew members have already worked with foreign crew and thus are multilingual which makes them portray good sense of professionalism in the industry of cinematography.


We at Grey Partridge Films have good connections with some established well-known equipment houses in the city of Mumbai for using State-of-the-art equipment like ArriAlexa XT, RED Epic Ultra Prime and Master Prime Lenses, Kino-Flo Lights and Arri lights.

Know more about us here.


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