Apart from being a photographer, cinematographer and the Director of Photography for many super-hit Bollywood films, Mr. Sanjay F Gupta also prepares tutorials for people who find it difficult in this field. Mr. Sanjay F Gupta, who is one of the top photographers and cinematographers in the country has made it big, successfully in this field. Below is one of the methods to remove spots from your photos through Photoshop.

All DSLR are susceptible to tiny dust particles settling on the surface every time we change the lens and even at times when the lens is mounted. Cameras have built in feature, which attempts to clean out dirt on the sensor by shaking it, but this method does not work all the time. Must remember that the dirt particle can be very tiny but can appear large in photographs.

Fortunately, Photoshop has a perfect solution to removing the spots dirt creates.


  1. Open the photo in Photoshop.
  1. Select ‘Spot Healing Brush Tool’ from the toolbar.
  1. Select type- Proximity Match, Mode- Normal, Tick “Sample All Layers”
  1. Create a ‘New a New Layer’. Double click on the text and rename the new layer. (In case you made mistakes with ‘spot healing…’ or working on removing lot of spots then you can create layer for specific area you are working on so you don’t screw up other fixes which went fine.)
  1. To change the brush size use keyboard keys] [ (Always zoom in to the area you want to fix and then make the brush size smaller for accuracy).
  1. Magnify the area on the picture you want to fix using cmd+ on mac and ctrl+ on windows. (here ‘+’ is plus key on the keyboard which is to pressed in combination with the cmd or ctrl)
  1. Click on the spot whilst it is in center of the circle and it will remove it.

Check out more such tutorials from Mr. Sanjay Gupta here.


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