At Grey Partridge Films, Mr. Sanjay F Gupta is also known to impart knowledge and share whatever he is supposed to, in order to help support others. A lot of aspiring artists in Bollywood can take lessons and get inspired from him. Sanjay F Gupta, who is the owner of Grey Partridge Films, takes time to write blogs which are tutorials, tips and tricks to improve and enhance your photography & cinematography skills. One of the articles are as below:

Understand the Histogram. What is it and how do I go about it?

One of the great advantages of digital photography is that it allows you to check exposure immediately after you take the picture using histograms. It is important you learn them.

There are several books and Internet tutorials that explain histograms but make it so complex that many beginners fail to grasp these graphs.

This tutorial demystifies histogram and makes it easy. Really easy. Understand just one tip and you can immediately start taking pictures and using histograms to accurately check exposure.


“Why do we need histogram when we can see the photo on camera LCD and see how bright or dark it is?”


But can we really? Can we just by looking at the image on LCD gauge if the dark areas have any detail in them or they have slipped into total blackness? Or if the clouds in the sky will have any texture or be burnt out white? No, we can’t. Histograms come to the rescue.

The horizontal axis represents the level of brightness, from pure black to pure white. The vertical axis represents number of pixels.  (This graph must represent a photograph with lots of dark areas.)

Check out his entire blog article here.


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