Mr. Sanjay F. Gupta, who is the owner of Grey Partridge Films contributes a lot to his blogging section on the website here. This is a regularly updated section on the website and you can check out a lot of cool stuff here right from tutorials to tips and tricks on photography and cinematography.

Shutter speed is ‘the amount of time the shutter is open to let the light on Sensor to capture light’. It is a curtain in front of the camera sensor that stays closed until you press the shutter button and it opens for a set amount of time to expose the sensor to outside light.

It is calculated in fraction of seconds. Shutter speeds double with each setting letting in double or half the light. Shutter speeds range from 1/4000 to 1/30 seconds with in between settings like: 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8 etc.

A fast shutter:

Bottle burst: 1/4000 ISO 3200 1dc. Canon 70-200 f2.8 at f4

  • Freezes motion so you don’t get motion blur.
  • Allows less light on the sensor.


Check out the entire article here.


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