At Grey Partridge Films, Mr. Sanjay F. Gupta takes out time in order to be a help to others who don’t have access to tutorials which are the basics. Grey Partridge Films is a Photography and Film Production House.

Coming to the tutorial –

Stitching Photos – 

Why should we bother stitching photos? Why don’t we take a wide-angle lens and shoot showing the entire area? Both photos would cover the location edge to edge? The reason is focal length. Wide-angle lens gives the area a ‘far away’ look and distorts the location – nothing wrong with this if that is desired. Stitching allows the photographer to show the location in wide grandness but without the wide-angle feel. All is not perfect; here is a list of issues.

Disadvantages to stitching:

Stitching results in panorama – “letterbox” rectangle photos which do not fill the screen.
The file size is large as several photos are put into one. Expect 1.5 GB files if shooting RAW.
Requires tripod, head etc.

For the entire tutorial click here.


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