At Grey Partridge Films, apart from photography and cinematography we also do camera reviews which is kind of exciting too! These reviews are for viewers who are looking to buy a good camera for their photography needs. Mr. Sanjay F Gupta, head of Grey Partridge Films personally writes these articles.

Walk around camera. Pocket camera. Capturing memories camera. (Fuji X-E2 camera review) –


I will not use my Fuji for sports or wildlife so please keep my focusing notes in context.

The long and short of it is that focusing with XE 2 is amazing. The auto focus is fast enough and locks focus in dim light almost always at first attempt and sometimes after a few attempts. I do not think I will ever miss out on a shot because of auto focus issues. I remember 5d2 focus that was just so awful.

Check out the entire article here.


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