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How to shoot a Theater play.

Mostly hard lights mounted on overhead grids connected to dimmers light a stage play. This is exactly opposite of how I light up a scene for movies so when Mr. Saurabh Sukla and Mr. Ashwin Gidwani contacted me to shoot a promo for their successful play Two To Tango Three To Jive, I had not idea how to proceed. They said it should look exactly like the play – they will have their lighting director set up the lights and I would just need to record it, not need to call for any ‘film lights’.

With my understanding on how human eye processes light and shade versus how a sensor records it, I sensed immediately that shooting it without supplementary lights and diffusing the overhead hard light when it hit the face at a wrong angle the results would be ghastly. I would be shooting it with exactly the lights they present the play to the audience but it would not look the same when seen on TV or web. The human eye has the great ability to focus on to a particular point of a wide scene and adjust to it. For example, when a bright spot light falls on an actor standing against a dark background (many parts of the play are lit like that) the eye when concentrating on the bright actor will quickly adjust and adapt to see the details on the face and when an action happens in the darkness, the eye will shift focus to that, adjust and see details.

Check out the entire article here.


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