At Grey Partridge FilmsMr. Sanjay F. Gupta takes out time in order to be a help to others who don’t have access to tutorials which are the basics. Grey Partridge Films is a Photography and Film Production House.

Coming to the tutorial –

Prepare photos for web – How To

We work hard at taking our photographs with expensive equipment, and then fix them in Photoshop but that is not enough to post on Internet. We must optimize our photographs for Internet before posting for it to look good.

There are lots of complicated methods listed on Internet but I will show you a simple, quick, effective way. This is the process I like to follow while using Photoshop. At the end there will be notes for Lightroom users.

This process starts after you have completely readied your PSD with all required adjustments. The key is to find the correct balance between size and quality for it to download at a good speed without looking pixilated.

STEP 1: Add your watermark. Please keep it small, barely legible. A large signature distracts, is annoying and shows the insecurity of the photographer.

Click here to view the entire tutorial at Grey Partridge Films.


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