Grey Partridge Films, run and managed by Mr. Sanjay F. Gupta, is a renowned Bollywood Cinematographer. Grey Partridge Films, is one of the best ad production houses in Mumbai and it provides a wide range of services including feature film, commercials, corporate and music video and film production.

Supporting his website, Mr. Sanjay F. Gupta also posts tutorials related to DOP, DSLR photography tips, and also reviews different camera models in order to help young aspiring DOP artists in India to choose the best DSLR camera for photography.

This time he writes about Italy.

A car journey through Italy with a camera. December 19th – January 3rd 2011/12 Near freezing temperature greeted me at Rome airport. My bags and in it my jacket in it had not arrived. I was promised that it would come next morning so it did not make sense to rush to a shop, which would be in any case shutting down by now. I was shivering in the cold but was smiling as hung around my shoulders were the two cameras I had carried with me for the trip. I was happy by my decision not to check them in. Although Italy had been long on the list of places I wanted to visit, I was visiting Italy for the first time and was very excited about the photo opportunities that it offers. Since the time I have developed this bug for photography, travel has taken up a new meaning.

Check out more by clicking here.


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