Mr. Sanjay F. Gupta who himself is a corporate film maker in India, heads the company Grey Partridge Films. Grey Partridge Films, which is one of the best production houses in Mumbai is committed to giving services such as commercials, music video and film production. Sanjay F Gupta.

We have top Canon equipment and Carl Zeiss Lenses. If your equipment is busy rent from us and if something we don’t have, we will source. Please send us an inquiry and we promise you the best rates for the perfectly maintained gear. Our gear comes with technical crew who we handpick based on their knowledge of equipment and attitude towards production. We also provide film shoot services as Director and Director of Photography to Middle east countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Doha Qatar, Kenya and other African Countries too.

Sanjay f. Gupta

Director Of Photography In Mumbai India. Check out his entire article here.

Mr. Sanjay F. Gupta also posts tutorials related to DOPDSLR photography tips, and also reviews different camera models in order to help young aspiring DOP artists in India to choose the best DSLR camera for photography. Check out his blogs here.


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